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  • Shaanxi future foreign economic and technological cooperation co., LTD


          Shaanxi future foreign economic and technological cooperation co., LTD is approved by the ministry of commerce, hold the qualification of foreign labor services cooperation (assignment services) certificate (approval number: business group of [2009] no. 129), the specialty is engaged in the labor assignment (including trainees), overseas employment service co., LTD.
           Company is located in the famous cultural city with a history of several thousand of xi 'an, and based on shaanxi Labour market, actively explore the labor market all over the world. To want to go abroad, enrich their knowledge, increasing the income of Chinese citizens' overseas employment information, consultation and mediation services; Accepting the entrustment of overseas institutions and employers for their recommendations, recruitment, send all kinds of overseas employment of professional and technical personnel and workers; For overseas employment personnel for all kinds of professional training, in front of the entry and exit the passports, visas, notarization, insurance and other kinds of formalities.
           Company since its inception, has accumulated rich experience in foreign labor export business, with countries such as Japan, Singapore, Germany, Australia, many well-known companies to establish long-term cooperative relations, for shaanxi field services market opened up a broad heaven and earth. At present, the company has successfully into Japan, Singapore, Germany, Algeria, Libya, and other countries successful assignment of hundreds of all kinds of labor service personnel, personnel of thousands of. And future the company will continue to play their own advantages, with advanced management concept, high-quality team of professionals, committed to build shaanxi services industry quality brand. Recently, the company with many large Japanese society established friendly and cooperative relations, involving sewing and garment processing, food, food, machinery and electronics, construction and other industries.
           Go abroad in order to ensure that personnel and to trainees skill and quality standards, the company set up a training school covers an area of 13 acres, can accommodate 500 people at the same time training examination. According to the needs of employers and project, equipped with various professional training equipment and training teachers, using a first-class education, professional skills and professional quality training workers abroad, build a strong talent reserve, to meet the needs of the labor market around the world. Future company encourages welcome home and abroad to establish cooperation relationship with us. At the same time also thank you to our colleagues for their support and help!

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    Shaanxi future foreign economic and technological cooperation co., LTD

    Address: 1501RM, City HaoXing,BeiLinOu.,Xi 'an

    Tel: 029-85572220 029-85572221

    Fax: 029-855572221

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